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Certified Farm Seeker Program

Over the past few years, the Office of Farmland Preservation (OFP) has been asked to provide additional assistance and opportunities for beginning and expanding farmers seeking beyond just the existing Virginia Farm Link database.  Working in partnership with the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers, OFP has developed a new Certified Farm Seeker (CFS) program designed to provide individuals seeking farming opportunities with the tools needed to successfully demonstrate their farming commitment and vision to interested landowners.  The program was officially announced at the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers Summer Expo July 27-29, 2012Additional information and materials will be provided as the program is further developed. 

Who can become a Certified Farm Seeker?
The program is designed for farmers at all levels:

How do you become a Certified Farm Seeker?
The CFS Program is designed around helping interested farmers produce a business plan and resume, as well as demonstrate on-farm experience. Five Whole Farm Planning Modules (listed below) are available as resources to guide you through this process. Each module contains objectives, questions, and possible activities to help you reach your goals. The curriculum is designed to be flexible and can be applied to farmers at every experience level. Please click on the table below to learn about the five (5) modules.

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Farm Seeker?
Participants in the CFS program will be given priority in the Virginia Farm Link database, increasing their chance of being contacted by a landowner. Click here to view the Certified Farm Seekers List.

Participants in the CFS program will be invited to numerous networking and social opportunities to interact with other farmers and landowners.

Participants in the CFS program could receive a professional review of their business plan or time with a transition mediator or attorney for reduced or no cost. (proposed)

How can I apply for this program? 
Download the Certified Farm Seeker application (pdf or docx), and send the completed application to Stefanie Kitchen at, or Virginia Farm Bureau, P. O. Box 27552, Richmond, VA 23261.

For more information, please contact:

Andy Sorrell
VDACS Office of Farmland Preservation

Ron Saacke
Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers

Stefanie Kitchen
Virginia Farm Bureau

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